Saturday, September 15, 2012

Animal Jam Birthday Party!

Woop, Woop! This is the Animal Jam Birthday Party!

When you first get there.

This is to the left. 

There is a little plank for you to walk on so you can get to the cake. 

Here is the shop!

And it's items!

This is the second level.

To the left (or right above the shop) is a tiny slice of cake. In the background we can see ice cream, cookies, whipped cream and other sweets. 

And at the very top is a candle shaped as the number 2! 

This is a really sweet party!

-Miss CleverViolet 


  1. Mmmm.. Now im hungry! :P


  2. Awesome! I wonder what the 3RD party will be like! I can't wait for it! There's a glitch you can do here, too, if AJHQ hasn't fixed it yet. -113457


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