Sunday, June 25, 2017

Freedom Items, Debunked Myth, SECRET SHOP, MINI CONTEST!

Hey Jammers! There are two new items at the Freedom Party, so be sure to pick these up and show off the red white and blue freedom colors!

Its the LAST DAY of the Weekend Spike Sale, so pick up your spikes while you can! I have a feeling these will continue to be popular after the sale, and people will still want to trade for them. 

I've DEBUNKED a myth on my Myths & Legends page and come up with a theory on BABY PHANTOMS! I'm excited to have you guys read it, tell me what you think of it in the comments! Click this pic to go to the page, or the page link is in my pages bar up top my blog ;)

Be sure to VOTE on the right side of my blog if your on TEAM MIRA or TEAM ZIOS! 

Also, I've updated my den for a head to head Mira vs Zios battle! Check it out if you'd like! Here's a sneak peak:


Plus! Can you find my egg in my den? First person to correctly tell me where the egg is will win BOTH Zios and Mira hats, AND a Rare Frankenstein Mask!!


There is one baby left with it's mama.

 And he is learning to fly!


Have you heard about the SECRET SHOP? You must click right here to access it:

And you are lead to a SECRET ROOM called the Basement of Secrets.

Click on this pile right here to access the shop.

 Very interesting stuff here!

 If you walk up the stairs, you're led to the Chanber of Knowledge. Hmm, How did we get from one side of the map to the other! That's one big basement!


New Poll to the right side of this blog!
New Banner!
Made the font a little shade darker, to make it easier on the eyes.
Blog is now wider.

Summer Mohawk, Team Zios vs Team Mira, SCAM TO WATCH OUT FOR

Hey Jammers! Today in Jam Mart Clothing, there's a Summer Mohawk.

Very.... natural! It looks like loose grass lol! If you change colors, maybe it will look like relaxed hair. Very fitting, it being summer.

In Play Wild, there's a rainbow fountain in Jam Mart Furniture.

Plus a churro cart in the Summer Carnival.

Also be sure to adopt a penguin before they leave! They're on clearance in the diamond shop.

I made a review on the AJ Fashion Tags! Click here to see it:

Be sure to vote on the right side of my blog if you're on TEAM MIRA or TEAM ZIOS! Don't know the fuss about team Mira or Zios? Basically, at Vidcon, a bunch of famous Jammers are teaming up to play against eachother. Stuff like art contests and minigame contests! 


AnimalJammer330 (WolffeyCat)

I'm going to remain neutral, and root for both c: More info here.


Speaking of Zios and Mira, there is a NEW SCAM ALERT Involving the new furniture.

I was playing when I noticed a Jammer trying to convince newer players that these were rare items:

These aren't rare! You can buy them on the second page of Jam Mart Furniture. Just click through the different colors of plushies and you'll find these designs (which I love by the way). Don't be fooled, stay aware.


Scams to Watch For
Trading Post
Myths & Legends

Den Ideas

Animal Jam Fashion Tag Review!

Hey Jammers, I was browsing Target and I stumbled accross some AJ Fashion Tags!

I had to pick one up to see what it was about!

There's a checklist for all the necklaces you could get, and a secret code!! 

It also came with some stickers!!! How fun! I'm gonna have to figure out where to put these guys so I can see them all the time :)

Now here's the fashion tag! It's basically a necklace so I'm not sure why they aren't called that. 

I ended up getting a foil tag, which is super cool because it's holographic!

And here's the backside :)

Alright I bet your waiting to see what comes with it online! Look no further, here is the code's prize... *drumroll please*

1,000 gems! Not bad, not bad! 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Clearance Items, SECRET Item, Plus Find-It-Friday

Hey Jammers! Here is a list of the current clearance items as of 6/23/17:

Treetop Gardens:

Outback Imports:

Jam Mart Clothing:

Jam Mart Furniture:

Epic Wonders:

Sunken Treasures:

 The SECRET Epic Dens item is...

An Antique Chair! Get it by clicking the chair, which is located upwards the arcade area (to the left most of the den)

Overflow is now x2 GEMS!! I love this game, so this is great news!


Yep! I'm bringing it back! If you get bored in Jamaa, check back here every Friday to exercise your eagle eye! Can you find this week's FIF? Check back next week for the answer!!!

  • I'm going to make a new page for Den Wednesday!
  • Changed How To's to Guides
  • I'll be setting up a new Trading Post page, so it isn't cluttered with old trades

Battle For The Beacon Review

Hey Jammers! There's a new adventure out, called Battle For The Beacon, so I decided to check it out for myself. I won't be showing everything, so be sure to check it out for yourselves when you have the time.

This adventure is like Graham's Workshop, in that multiple people are playing in once map.

First off, you're spawned in a little village area, and I love the aesthetics of the place. So cozy! Feels like a comfortable community... if there weren't all those phantoms around lol.

In the village there is a new shop! It sells adventure exclusive items. How do you buy these items? with the new currency of course!

They're called Earth Crystals, and you get them from destroying Phantom pipes!

Once a set of pipes is destroyed, a cork will pop up. Put it in the pipe by the river to plus it and move on to the next patch of land.

You can either use bombs to get rid of phantoms, or trap them in a fly trap. You must water both the bomb plants and the fly traps to re use them.

And the cycle repeats, with both east and west sides.

Also, take a look at the beautiful imagery:

I absolutely love the greenery and flowers in this adventure.

All in all, it's not the best adventure. I'm not gonna lie to you, it's extremely repetitive, and you need lots of people to be doing it at once for it to be effective. You have to play a lot of rounds to collect enough Earth Crystals to afford the lowest priced item. I got bored really fast, but I mean if more people are playing the quicker it goes, so you may end up enjoying it.
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