Sunday, August 3, 2014


Hey guys.

It's been a really long time since I've been on AJ or posted something on this blog. If you've noticed, some images on my blog have been deleted.

I've been so caught up in so many other things I've had no time to focus on AJ or my blog... and to be honest, I've lost all interest in Animal Jam and blogging about it. And with school coming back in September, I've got even more things to focus on.

So I'm going to say goodbye to all you guys on this blog...

I just want to say thank you so much for all your support to this blog. Thank you for your kindness to me and other Jammers on my blog. Thank you for all your positive comments you posted. Thank you for everything you guys have done and said on this blog for the past 2 years. All of you guys are wonderful!!!!!! ILY!!! <3

If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have gotten far in this blog. But thanks to all you caring, loyal jammers I have had such a positive experience in blogging on blogger and in Animal Jam. Thank you for that. 

And a special thank you to my close friends in Animal Jam. You guys rock! Thank you for all the awesome, funny, and heart-warming memories on Animal Jam.

I wont be leaving the internet!! You can find me in the mouse game called Transformice. If you want to friend me my username is Gringersnap. I'd be happy to meet you and friend you in that game :) .

And so I guess this is goodbye. I might stop by in Animal Jam a couple of times to see whats goin on.

Bye Jammers! 

Gringersnap <3

Sunday, May 4, 2014

im bAck! Updates in AJ!

Hey Jammers! Im sorry I haven't been on in a while, my mind just kinda.. checked out for summer. I mean, summers so close.. and I'm so excited for summer! c: So sorry guys, sometimes my mind checks out of one thing and I'm completely obsessed with something until the obsession dies out x3 . THAts what's been keeping me from AJ 3: BUT IM BACK AND CHECKED IN!

Whew, that was a lot of typing :o . ANYWAYY, there are new items in Jamaa.

 My FAV is the Cherry Blossom Tree!
Pet Cheetahs are here!
 they are ADORABLE OMG!!

The DE updated their entire blog :o
 Cool format!
AJHQ also sent out a letter to Join the club
 There are new vids to watch!

Wow!! These pets are so cute, I just love 'em! I wanted these cuties for a while, and when I saw them I was all like 
Reaction GIF: fuck yeah, Rainn Wilson, Dwight Schrute, The Office

If you click them, they'll try to catch a butterfly.
Their heads are so funky and their hair is.. AHH CUTEE!

Here are the items they can wear:

 Ok, the ewok hat is probably my favorite pet item of all time..

YAAAS! Our little birdie is BACK!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Journey Book Hints - Kani Kove

Sad that you can't find the last animal/plant of your Journey Book? Don't be!! I'm here to help!

What: What it is
Location: Where it is
Type: is it an Animal, Plant or... other o.o
[Moves] This means it moves, it can be very hard to get

So... Here is the guide!

What: Sea Urchin
Location: By the Parrot Fish; under the enterance to Tierney's Aquarium
Type: Animal 

What: Hammerhead Shark
Location: Swims fast at the top of the screen
Type: Animal

What: Nautilus
Location: Swims from the treasure chest to behind the back of the ship
Type: Animal

What: Cuttlefish
Location: swims on the bottom of the ocean floor from Deep Blue to the back of the ship

What: Parrot Fish
Location: swims non stop in the pop-out plants
Type: Animal

What: Shrimp
Location: Swims from corner to corner (bobbing up and down) from the back of the ship to by the Enterance to Deep Blue
Type: Animal

What: Conch
Location: slooooowly swims at the floor of the land

What: Spotted Snake Eel
Location: Squirms out of the barrel
Type: Animal 

What: Manatee
Location: Swims sloooooowly by the entrance sign to Tierney's Aquarium
Type: Animal

What: Cormorant
Location: Swims up and down by the school of fish
Type: Animal

Friday, April 18, 2014

Nesting Greely Doll + NTT + FIF

Hello Jammers!! I wanted to let you know I won't be able to get on AJ from the 20 - 24 th! I'm leaving to go on vacation :3 After that, I can begin regular posts!!

The new item today is the Nesting Greely Doll!! 
 YAS I love this one!!

Check out the callender that has a picture of Giraffes on it!

AJHQ apparently adopted a giraffe!

 and HURRAY! Giraffes are back!!

The giraffe is for members only. Also,  I just found out non members cannot send gifts anymore!!

 Earth day is coming up, and AJHQ is starting to celebrate!

Here is a little spring outfit I put together~

Where in the Jamaa World is this?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Underwater Drum Set + DW

Sup Jammers! The newest item is for sale in Kani Kove, and it comes in three colors

The DE posted Jammer Art!
Hooray for Commander Chillywolf, Blossom Sunnyviolet, Arctic Wolf, Little Magiclilly, and Precious Glambelle! They we’re chosen for this week’s Jammer Snaps featuring eggs! Each year on the Monday after Easter in Haux (pronounce like ‘how’), France, a giant omelet is served. Don’t forget a fork if you’re in this southern French town on Easter Monday. Each year a giant omelet is served up in the town’s main square. And when we say giant, we mean giant! It’s brunch for up to 1,000 people. Last year’s enormous dish was just shy of 10 feet in diameter and was comprised 5,211 eggs, 21 quarts of oil, and 110 pounds each of bacon, onion, and garlic. This tradition arises from a story of when Napoleon and his army were traveling, and they stopped in Haux and ate omelets. Napoleon was such a fan of his that he asked everyone in Haux to gather their eggs and make a huge omelet for his army.

There are three new videos to watch around Jamaa too!

I'm just loving the new animated items AJHQ is coming out with! If you click on something, like this table, things will happen like food dissapearing or a mouse will pounce on a strawberry!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ship's Helm Table - And AJ SECRETS ( OCTOPUS DRAWING X3 )

Click here to participate in the Blog Egg Hunt! 
 Having trouble finding the eggs in Jamaa? Click here for a walkthrough.

*Sniffs air* Someone better call a doctor... 'cause I got SPRING FEVER!

Ayyyyy Jammers! I got new music and the Egg Hunt is BACK UP AND RUNNING! Anywho, there's a new item, called the Ship's Helm Table!

Your animation

There are a ton more AWESOME items for sale too!

I just wanted to point out two things in the Art Studio. One thing is a clay stain I've been wondering about for a while... it to me it looks like a person!! I might just be going craaaaazy..,, but still I think it's cool!

 Another thing is this picture by the deer painting by the entrance. It looks to me like an OCTOPUS or SQUID! you can faintly see the eyes and it's yellow body. This is a really cool little sketch that I JUST NOTICED x3


P.S I had all these songs stuck in my head for the past week, I hope you enjoy them :) 

Monday, April 7, 2014

RIM - Rare Big Bow

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 Having trouble finding the eggs in Jamaa? Click here for a walkthrough.

Wey Hey! There are two new items, one is the RIM! Which is the Rare Big Bow!!

aaaand the Picket Fence which is for NON MEMBERS!

Your animation
Comes in some cute spring colors too!!!

The DE, as always, posted about the RIM
You’ll always be in first-place when you’re wearing this RARE BIG BLUE BOW offered for this week’s Rare Item Monday. The blue ribbon is a symbol of something of high quality. And comes from Cordon Bleu, which is French blue ribbon. These ribbons were worn by a particular order of knights when taking first place in athletic or other competitions. And that’s how blue ribbons came to be awarded for first place in many other events, such as county and state fairs.
Be sure to watch the new vid in Sarepia Theatre!

Take a look at these gems by the game Gem Breaker. Is this how gems look BEFORE mined into gems, AJ's currency? Do they get gems from Mt. Shiveer??

Large Rainbow Pointer