Friday, September 1, 2017

Zios Statue, Lynx and AJ's B-Day!

Hi jammers! Lots of big news packed into one issue!

I'll talk more about the Zios statue later, because there is a lot of outrage surrounding it. I'll tell you my opinion on a separate post.

The pixel place is the newest epic den! Which is weird, because they just got rid of the pixel items? :L

 The secret shop is a Frog Pond! Which is like the duck pond, but has lily pads.

Introducing pet lynxes! I'll make another post on them too :)

It's AJ's Birthday! Stay tuned for the guide to finding the seven b-day cakes.

The Diamond Shop has a new outfit for sale, and owls are half off!

Also half off are the summer carnival prizes! Which also means summer is coming to a close :(

AJHQ developed a downloadable animal jam game! You no longer have to use a browser!

Giraffes are traveling and goats are returning.

And finally, an ad.

Now on to the new items!

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