Sunday, August 27, 2017

Scented Candle SCAMS & Legendary Glove

Hey Jammers! AJHQ re-released some controversial items. I'll get into that in a minute. To kick-start, JMF has a random assortment of items up for sale.

The diamond shop is selling two new clothing items, including the Stone Sword and the Legendary Glove.

Now, onto the controversial stuff. The legendary glove used to be a rare item back when it was released (in 2011), and then continued to be until the diamond shop listed it during 2013. Then 4 years later, here it is again. It's a huge bummer for people who got it during 2011 because back then, you got one monthy membership gift.. and this was one of them. It's frustrating to see something you payed real life money for (or I guess, got as a thank-you for spending your money) be put back into circulation for anyone who has a membership for cheap.

Because it was unavalible for 2 years, came back for 1 year, then left for another 3 years and is back again just shows that we can't rely on what's gonna be rare anymore. I understand wanting to let new jammers get the older items, but this easily?

The other huge backlash AJHQ is getting is for re-releasing the Scented Candle. It's been a while since I've seen this much outrage towards an item lol. It arrived in 2014, then left in 2015. TWO YEARS it remained out of JMF, showing signs of never returning. Lots of scammers are trying to pass it off as still rare. Don't be fooled, all four scents are avalible in JMF. I'm also upset, because I traded a couple rares (NOT RIM) for my one I have in my den. Now we can buy it for 350 gems :/ .

If you ask me, AJHQ is ruining the rarity system. This was a huge culture shock to me, since I was on AJ since 2011, left during 2014. Three years has taken its toll on rares I guess lol. I might go more in depth on a post about the messed up rare system if you guys want!

The full princess set is leaving! Some items are leaving sooner than others, so check it out while you can.

 There are 6 more days left for the Solar Eclipse Outfit.

I'm updating the weekly segment tabs, so check them out if you're curious :)

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