Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fantastic Felines & NTT

Hello Jammers, been a busy week for me :O . But I've finally had time to sit down and play some AJ! 

This Wild Weekend is all about cats! How cute, I've been waiting for a cat tower in AJ FOREVER now!

AJHQ is celebrating the total solar eclipse coming up in about a week with an event

 & new adopt-a-pets. You bet I'm gonna try my best to get a few before they're gone!

 They have also switched up the homepage for the event.

On to the cat items. There's a page of den items in JMF, and two are for nm!

There's an additional three more diamond den items in the Diamond Shop.

An entire outfit is dedicated to dressing up like a cat! Now your flamingo can become a cat XD .


Speaking of Flamingos, they are a HUGE hit among jammers. I've seen quite a lot since they came out. So, I've collected some Flamingo outfits for you to try out:

Color combos matter. Limit to a couple colors and shades, or else you may look like an eye sore x(

Blue & Yellow. Stars and sun give off a fun vibe.

Green & Purple. Also, I love the pattern on their legs with the color combo!

Green & Black. They didn't go overboard with clothes, and they still look amazing.

Shades of blue. An eye-catcher!

Warm colored femmine-punk look! Love the rocker hair.

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  1. cool! I been waiting forever for you to post


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