Thursday, August 3, 2017

Jamaa Journal 8/3/17 & Underwater Claws!

Big news for plushie lovers today! Ocean plushies and ocean claw machines are now for sale in the Ocean Diamond Shop :D

FLAMINGOS ARE HERE! AHH! They're so cute! I'll make a full post on them later :)

An awesome (but not so awesome... because school :p) back-to-school party is here now! Again, full post on it will be later!

AJHQ announced otters are officially travelling, and reminded us that movies come out every day.

A new comic book can be read in the Chamber of Knowledge

And finally, an ad for AJ's new Adopt-A-Pet CUPCAKE series! SWEET! Once I get one, I'll review it.

Now onto UNDERWATER CLAWS! I've been waiting for these ever since the oceans came to Jamaa (yes I'm that old :p )

It takes up a fair amount of space, so be sure to have room.

It plays like a normal claw, but it's much bigger and takes up more space on the screen.

The prizes are underwater animal plushies in different colors! If I'm lucky and get a rare plushie, I'll show you guys.

Note these are the same kind of plushies you can get at the summer carnival. Nothing new. But if you want these plushies for 5 gems and not 750 tickets & ALL YEAR ROUND, then it's a good investment.

On the topic of Summer Carnival, now the ocean-themed mini plushies have the ocean symbol on them. Meaning you can only put it in Ocean Dens. And yes, even if you bought the plushie before the update. Which is kind of a bummer :/ . Before, they could only go into land dens. But the bigger ocean plushies can still be placed in land dens.

Also, I checked, and unfortunately if you click the claw game tab while underwater, you're still directed to the land claw.

Now I'm totally in love with these, but it seems other Jammers are not. Sunken Treasures was EMPTY. No one wants the underwater plushies or claws - because it's just not popular. It's a shame! If these were both land and water plushies, maybe it would attract more people.

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