Thursday, August 3, 2017

Springtime in Summer? + NTT

Sup Jammers! It appears spring has decided to drop by for one last hurrah with the new additions in JMF and JMC...

I'm not complaining! I find springtime to be a nice, happy time. I wish it lasted longer than 3 months!


While you're shopping around, take into account the clearance items that have popped up.

This has only 6 days left, but I wanted to put it in here to spread the word this diamond set is leaving.


So I've noticed two new-ish trends spreading around, so I thought I'd share BOTH!

First off, I've seen gingerbread become more and more popular! Both the wings and top hat are being worn more frequently by both members and nonmembers.

The second popular item i've seen around is the Acorn Hat! This is great news, because I LOVE this hat. It's awesome to see an item getting the attention it deserves!

And don't worry fellow trendsetters, the Straw Hat outfits are still totally in. ;)

One final thing, AJ hasn't updated as of when I'm posting it. I'll post the updates ASAP!

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