Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Acorn Hat, August Items, and TT

Hi Jammers! Fall seems to be coming early in Jamaa with the addition of an Acorn Hat in JMC.

Crab claws have made their way into Epic Wonders. An excellent counterpart to the lobster claws :)

New month, new stone! Happy early birthday to all born in August *<:) <- smiley in party hat!

New month also means a new set of flowers. Pick up the Gladiolus in Treetop Gardens if you wish. I love the bouquet of this flower so much, the variety of colors makes it seem more lively than the other monthly flowers.

Been a while since we've taken a look at the tree! No fear, he is doing well with his dark green leaves. The bark color has also faded into a sort-of purple-y black color.


An update on whats going away in 10 days...

 ALSO! You have 2 days to buy an Otter before they go exploring!


Did you know that Grahams Observatory is the ONLY den that has clickable items already built in it?


Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been busy with summer school (ugh) and setting up for an irl garage sale!

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