Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Journey Book Hints: Coral Canyons

Stuck on your Journey Book? Check here for answers!



What: What it is
Location: Where it is
Type: is it an Animal or Plant or.. other o.o
[Moves] This means it moves. It can be very hard to get.

Here are the hints:

What: Dandylion
Location: Next to the path by the waterfall 
Type: Plant

What: Saguaro Cactus
Location: By the entrance to Crystal Sands & Epic Wonders
Type: Plant 

What: Gila Monster
Location: To the bottom left of the Art Studio
Type: Animal 

What: Coyote
Location: By the mountains where you hop on the bridge
Type: Animal 

What: Cardinal
Location: Next to the Famous Bridge
Type: Animal

What: Honeybee
Location: Above Best Dressed
Type: Insect

What: Peregrine Falcon
Location: Flies around the area that Sky High is located
Type: Animal 

What: Scorpion
Location: By the stairs to the left of when you get into coral canyons by map
Type: Arachnid (or animal)

What: Tarantula 
Location: To the left of Epic Wonders
Type: Animal 

What: Rattlesnake
Location: Near the begining of the waterfall
Type: Animal 

What: Woodchuck
Location: By the large area of cacti 
Type: Animal 

I hope this has helped you!

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