Sunday, May 4, 2014

im bAck! Updates in AJ!

Hey Jammers! Im sorry I haven't been on in a while, my mind just kinda.. checked out for summer. I mean, summers so close.. and I'm so excited for summer! c: So sorry guys, sometimes my mind checks out of one thing and I'm completely obsessed with something until the obsession dies out x3 . THAts what's been keeping me from AJ 3: BUT IM BACK AND CHECKED IN!

Whew, that was a lot of typing :o . ANYWAYY, there are new items in Jamaa.

 My FAV is the Cherry Blossom Tree!
Pet Cheetahs are here!
 they are ADORABLE OMG!!

The DE updated their entire blog :o
 Cool format!
AJHQ also sent out a letter to Join the club
 There are new vids to watch!

Wow!! These pets are so cute, I just love 'em! I wanted these cuties for a while, and when I saw them I was all like 
Reaction GIF: fuck yeah, Rainn Wilson, Dwight Schrute, The Office

If you click them, they'll try to catch a butterfly.
Their heads are so funky and their hair is.. AHH CUTEE!

Here are the items they can wear:

 Ok, the ewok hat is probably my favorite pet item of all time..

YAAAS! Our little birdie is BACK!


  1. OMG first! :D Btw, <3 ur blog, Gringersnap!

  2. either my comps glitching or da fishies are dead! D: dey no show up...
    -a scared pnbjelly

  3. Awesome Blog! You earned yourself a Member and you get to have your blog featured on mine! :D


  4. Is it just me, or is something severely wrong with the blog layout? I am very confused, pictures are not showing up, with them just being replaced with a minus sign. I am confused!!

  5. Gringersnap?
    Please... fix your blog... We miss you!! Don't leave!!!!!!

  6. Hi Jammers! Enter my giveaway and visit my AJ Blog at
    Ever wanted a Top Hat? Now's the chance!
    Ever wanted a Pirate Sword? Now's the chance!
    Follow the link and then click the 'Google Form' link inside the post. Good Luck


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