Thursday, April 26, 2012

SpOoKy PaRtY

There's a graveyard to the left when you first walk in. I even saw a ghost peeking out from a gravestone!
Over to the right, you will find a patch with a skull carved into it. If you click on the skull, a ghost may follow you home ;)
When you walk inside, there is a room full of mist, and if you stay there for a while, you will turn into...
Also there are not one, not two, but THREE shops. This is the furniture shop.
It has 2 new items, and the skull gravestone!
The music shop, which has "Spooky Old Bones", a retired song that once sold in the shops around Halloween.
And the clothing shop, which has one new item! 
This really cute phantom balloon would be an awesome thing to carry around on Halloween.
Right above the music shop, there is an attic which has lightning striking around it.
If you look closely on the top of the attic, you will see 3 bats chilling there. 
In the room to the right of the music shop, there is a window. And in that window is a ghost that disappears and reappears.

This party is pretty cool!
-Major MajorMajor

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