Saturday, June 16, 2012

2000 Veiws?!

"WhAt???!!! 2000 VeIwS?!" Major MajorMajor screams.

Miss MagicHorse throws confetti in the air.

Miss CoolWolf dances her heart out.

Twinkle CuteEyes eats a cake secretly.

Miss CleverViolet blows balloons.

Mister StrongOctopus does the wave.

Miss PrettyDolphin jumps out of the water.

Infinity KookyRhino Blows out the candles.

Miss SunnyBelly acts like a mime (lol).

Little PeachyTurtle does magic tricks.

Miss Silly Seal flips in the air.

Miss HappyTiger play tackles Sparkle ShyPenguin

As Sparkle pops party poppers.

"WOOT WOOT" Everyone shouts.

Thank you so much for the veiws, comments, people that vote on out polls, and followers! WE LOVE YOU!

Thank you thank you thank you. You guys have brought us so far.

And we will keep blogging. Nonstop.

In celebration, we will get a NEW animal! Our family will grow!

I wonder who it will be...

Who ever guesses the correct animal first, WINS! Their name will be posted on my blog, and on the side of my blog for 3 weeks. The winner will also be my buddy :3

Thanks again guys,

-The Jamma Family

1 comment:

  1. i think it's a shark!! -snowflake frozen friend
    slugehammer :3)


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