Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Knitted Sweater, Garnet Birthstone, Snap Craft Printie and DW.

Hey Jammers! Late post o.o

Anyhow, there are two new items:
 The Garnet Birthstone (Im glad they are bringing these back :) )
And the Knitted Sweater!

The DE Posted some New Year thinggys:
To See full post, click the image!

 Is it just me, or is the party tab FULL of New Year Parties o.o I mean seriously, look

They sometimes do that when there is a new party. I like it, but woah o.o

I didn't mention it in the title, but there is a NEW CODE! It's Tigris 

It's now snowing :D

Animal Jam - Liza Coloring Page       Cosmo Coloring Page
Want Liza and Cosmo's Presents? Click the Pics to print them, then color them!

Now that Animal Jam Awards is in full swing, why not make your own AJ Awards Trophy?? All you need is a Mira Ornament and a Peridot Birthstone (Or any birthstone with a stand in full sight)

Just wondering, do you like this blog news thing here? 
  • Codes updated 
  • Poll: "What should I do for 100+ followers" Choices are: A Contest, A Party, and TONS of updates (and by tons. I meaaaaannnn TOOOONS.) 
  • AJ awards *w*
  • NEW BUDDY OF THE MONTH (click here)

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