Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow Items and TONS OF UPDATES

Hello Jammers, Yeah I haven't been on. ugh. Sorry guys, I haven't had the time with 2 essays, math and reading fanfiction (I do that on my phone, and I can't get on AJ from my phone XD) So, I've returned to see the POLL WINNER. I will be doing.... TONS OF UPDATES! More info at the bottom of this post.

Anyhowwwww.... Here are the new items

 !!!!!I LOVE THEM!!!!! I also love the new Alpha. Will be adding him to the the big updates!

AJ Added these two buttons on the map:

 How cool! I love these images :3


Did you notice the potions in the Chamber of Knowledge & in the Hot Cocoa Hut are the SAME?! I wonder who collected these.... Who do you think? It has to be someone who likes snow and the Jungle...

  • The Poll "What Should I do for 100 Followers" is now done. The winner is: TONS OF UPDATES! For this I'm thinking about doing... T.O.N.S. Which means
    • Every single page at the top updated
    • Strawberry the Horse Updated (like 5 NEW posts)
    • New page that displays my characters 
    • All other mini blogs updated
    • All Journey Book Cheats
    • Clearanced items
    • NEW Tree Tracking Page
    • "Cleaning Up" my blog
           This can't be done over night! I'll notify you HERE if I update something :) 
  • New Poll "Do You Have a Pet Owl"
  • AJ Awards Winners will be posted soon!
  • Woah! I finished a AJ Craft! Will be posting tomorrow.


  1. wow it's glad 2 have u back an updating! ::D:D:D:D:D::D:D


  2. "Reading Fanfiction"
    You too? I do that all day DX


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