Friday, May 25, 2012

The Animal Museum

The Animal Museum has changed into a Conservation Museum! Located in Appondale, the Museum is a place for jammers to learn about Endangered Animals.

When you walk in there is a gem box, where you can donate gems to help real Endangered Animals in the REAL WORLD!

In the middle of the Museum, there is a table in which you can print out coloring pages.


These are the print-outs.

Just above the table, there is a monkey display.

On both sides of the display, there are curtains. Wonder what they are for...

-Sparkle ShyPenguin


  1. maybe there are new animals?

  2. before the curtains were a rabbit and wolf statue.

  3. it does not really look like that no more but still, good 2 know!

  4. I saw a video of A.J was like when it first came out I was all :O

  5. i watched this youtube video it was ready or not and i was like ohhh! lol waaa?

  6. oh don't worry I wuv nyan kittay


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