Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Even though Giraffes are not here yet, I still want to talk about 'em! 

  • First off, there will be giraffe plushies! I cant wait to see those cuties :3.

  • Second off, how BIG will the giraffe be? Will it be towering above everyone, or will it be the size of an elephant or horse?

  • Third off, the giraffes look SUPER cute! Check it out: 

But based on the monkeys in the tree in the first one, it looks like they will be pretty big...

  • Fourth off, Will clothing look good on this animal? It really doesn't seem like clothing will look good on it. Like the tail armor, it only looks good on some animals. 

  • Fifth off, what will the patterns look like on them? In the two pictures, they only show that ONE pattern. I want to know what it looks like with different styles...
Anyway, I really think this giraffe will be cool :D


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