Friday, August 3, 2012

Glitch or... What?

I typed up these usernames and saw this:

What is up with that?! Are they banned, or gone for waaaaay to long?

Here is my buddy, 0.0

But when i typed up this, their profile is normal.

Whats going on?!



  1. I saw that too! I typed in a username that I really wanted but it was taken, and that appeared...


    And that happened to your buddy? That is just weird!

  2. I know.. it sucks. -_- I can't add my best friend because off this poo. :L

  3. Weird? It came up with my friend so I cant add him now. :(

  4. It happens if there gone for 30 days or more~Abbyujam

  5. its really weird because i had a buddy that was gone for way more than 30 days but everytime i look up her user her player card always comes up. i havent seen her in forever but her player card always shows up. her user is brookkemp. idk it weird right?


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