Friday, November 1, 2013

Ghost Story Contest Winners!!!

I finally have the winners! I have 1st 2nd 3rd and a Runner up!!!

Now for the Runner up!!


My name is slugehammer... So here is my story for you!  I was just walking with my friend, Larson, and I decide to play a bit of tricks on him. I told him there was a creepy creature that lurks the trees, and has no face, body, or anything really. His name was the black figure. The black figure holds up fingers to which he's staring at, and each time you stare back at him, he'll hold up one finger. The next time you see him, he'll hold up two fingers. When you reach 10 fingers, you die in a horrible way, but no one knows how. You can dodge him by looking away from the black figure, and he won't hold up any fingers. So Larson found it a cool story, so we decided to put it to the test. It was at school hours and every day at recess, we stared into the trees, and saw nothing. But that couldn't put a stop to our story. We kept looking, until a crisp fall day. Larson and I were tired of looking, when Larson claims it’s fake. I say hold on... he'll come. So later in December I keep looking, and Larson is bored. But I say, hey dude LOOK! We both saw something lingering though the woods and it hold up one finger. Larson and I were shocked, like really shocked. And the creature walked away calmly. For the whole day, we were silent. SO was my story true? We won’t really know for sure. And now Larson and I fly paper airplanes, and when a paper airplane flies into the woods, we won't DARE to go retrieve it.

I loved the creepiness of the entire story. So mysterious, so intriguing...
Your Prizes are:

3rd place is...


Okay here goes sorry if I scare you :(!! It was like 11:00pm on a Friday night that I was getting ready to take a shower I was home alone at the time cause my parents was doing business stuff, so I was picking out my clothes and heard a "THUMP! THUMP!" I turned and looked out the window see if someone was knocking at the door...Nobody I was puzzled, so I just thought it was my imagine and went back to what I was doing as I entered the bathroom I heard a different noise... it was like a slow walking noise "cerp cerp" It wasn't loud but I was alone so I can hear it but BARELY! I was creeped out, locked the bathroom door and set out my clothes and turned on the water. As I undressed I heard the thumping again, "THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!" 3 times this time I was very scared then I didn't wanna take shower now but oh well I promised my parents I would be ready to go to the sleep over That I was going to so, I hopped in the shower and slided the screen it was very hard to I had to almost had to stran to make it close like something was holding it back....Weird I thought. I finished my shower and once I opened the screen I seen a FACE! I screamed in terror, it was a young girls face it was white as smoke I looked I stared at her hard, I was trying to speak but all u heard from me was "mu-mu-mu" I got 1 word out can you guess? "MOMMM!" I heard the door unlock I threw a towel on and ran to the door crying I fell into my mothers lap and cried. She asked whats wrong I told her what had happened my father checked the bathroom the girl was gone....Pretty creepy right hope so it freaked me out!!!!

THAT WAS FREAKY. I loved your little humor and the way you told me the story! It was simply spooky!
Your prizes are

2nd place is...


I swear this is true, and it really happened, when I was in 5th grade. I was in 5th grade, and my grandpa had just died in august it was now October, and it was Halloween. I was sleeping when I suddenly woke up. I sat up in bed, and there, floating at the foot of my bed was my grandpa.Im not kidding, he was right there he was wearing his plaid bathrobe and was wearing his glasses. “Grandpa?" I asked, he just smiled at me, and then said "I’m proud of you my grandson". His words just seemed to echo in my room then, suddenly was conked out. That morning everyone at school said I seemed to have a good aura of nice energy. When ever someone told me that, I just smiled and remember grandpa.  -hp17

The Sweetness of the story seriously made me want to cry. I loved it.
Your Prizes are:

and First Place is....

*drumroll plz*


 OK so this happened to my friend on animal jam. So she was playing animal jam with me and amazingcows4428 and she said we should go to her den, and we agreed. We went to her den but she never came, we must have been there for like 10 minuets before we got smart, and realized she had logged off. So the next day at school I asked her why she logged off with out saying good bye and she said that there was some kind of glitch. She got bought to a den that looked like one of tough’s old diners in the movies mixed with her barn den only all black in white. There was a jammed in there but it had know name tag on it so she couldn't see the username, they just walked around in the den and didn't talk. Then she said that she was about to log off, but the computer logged her off and the computer shut down. Latter that day I asked amazingcows4428 what she thought and she said, "there's know way that is true! She’s lied, she all ways does!" after that I didn't believe her, but a few days latter the same thing happened to me! I had just become a member and I was looking at all of my dens, when I got to the barn den... I changed to it when I was brought into a black and white den that looked like an old dinner mixed with a barn den. It had a jammed who was all white with know name tag they where was a horse a little bigger than a normal horse. The den looked a little bit familiar then I realized it was the den my friend was talking about! I did the first thing that came into my mind, I tipped up: why are you here, who are you? They replied me sooner that I expedited, they said: a long time ago I was normal like you. But one I got trapped in a den that animal jam had bin making but never finished I can't get out or do anything. I'm stuck here for ever. After that my computer logged me out and I thought about what they had said. So I called amazingcows4428 and tolled her everything, but all she said was "you loony! She’s got to you to." then she hung up. I still think about the poor jammed and how they get stuck. So I am all ways careful when I change to my barn den. It has not happened again, yet...

Your prizes are:

Great job everyone! And thank you ALL for participating, I appreciate it :3 all your stories were SCARY and some DID give me nightmares LOL xD


  1. hey , gringersnap , its me hp17, such a variety! ^.^, well i was wondering when we could get mai prizes , cuz i found a poster, and i got second place in the ghost story umm id like 2 me on aj , so im NOT gonna post wat i want and im saying dis now so no one can pretend to be me and give me the prize i didnt want, so im all dis weekend, jes tell me when


    p.s. argrggggggggh i wish i had a google account i could post with that way i couldent have any imposters!!!!!!

  2. Yes you will get ur prizes. I would have given them to u today but my power went out and it still is!!!!!! I am writing this on my phone right now, sorry ill mail it ASAP!

  3. hey, im not putting this in contest or anything but, this did happen!
    i was playing aj, and this guy said 2 me 'prepare 4 doom'
    and suddenly i had felt my leg hurting badly, and he also said, 'im magic' i said to the kangaroo (he was kangaroo) 'no ur kidding' he said 'i can do this' suddenly i hit my head on windowsill. 'hey,' i said, 'stop it!' he just went away. may sound funny, but its awful, :(


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