Saturday, November 23, 2013

Play As Your Pet Party!

This is an ultra cool party!!

 This is what it looks like to play as your pet!

 In the center a Mushroom Fountain greets you!

 To the right of the fountian is a shop

 That sells tiny furniture!!

 Music is also sold at the top of the castle

 For the last shop, you need to flu up the tall grass to get to it!

 It also sells ADORABLE tiny furniture!

 There is a pet wash station for messy pets,

 and a Paws and Claws store!

In this party, you can play and dance~

And switch animals!

Overall experience: I LOVE THIS PARTY!


  1. AWESOME! Im totally going as a hamster. -diamond.

  2. Nyanja cat is SO!! Cute I once played sky high with them but I only got two gems :/ also my user on animal jam is marypoppinsrox and I am a boy just because of the user I am not a gorl

  3. I just love the 'Play As Your Pet Party'! I LOVE IT!!


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