Thursday, November 28, 2013

Striped Scarf, Candle Ornament & Fruit Bowl

Hi Jammers! There are three new items *some at the Pet Party, it's not on D: *

 They are preparing for Jamaalidays already! Also, Hanukkah has started for some Jammers, so Happy Hanukkah!!!

There is a mysterious cave with light coming from it in the Arcade... what could it be??

Thinking about having Feast of Thanks at your Home? Look no further, here is the den guide!

First, start with the table, join the two feast tables together to make it look like one huge table. Flip the Dessert Table so the Pumpkin Pie is next to the pizza. You can also add the Fruit Bowl or Ice Cream or any other foods you wish!

The Head of the table can have a special chair, YOU are sitting in it! 

Either chairs or pillows work for guests, but i like pillows x3

Want to celebrate Feast Of Thanks with your Plush Pals? Seat them at the table!

 The table can't be the only decoration in the room! Try a fireplace and if you want it to be snowy, put the Jamaaliday window item by the firplace. A banner and a mantle decoration is awesome too!

 Some music you might enjoy while eating are these:

This week's NTT is a TURKEY!

Happy Feast of Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~


  1. I like the turkey and the den ideas! Thanks for using your time to come up with all this stuff! Your posts are always PAWsome!


  2. Happy Feast of Thanks to you, too! :)


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