Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eagles Are Here!

Hiya Jammers!! Guess what?!? EAGLES ARE HERE! I'll talk more about them later in the post~

There are tons of new items today!

The DE has posted:

And sent us a letter:

Now let's get to EAGLES! There is an exhibit in the Animal Museum, so check that out!

A new game has been made..

That is almost exactly like Flappy Bird, an app that could be downloaded but was removed last week (or so) because it was SO hard and everyone was getting mad XD . I'm going to break my laptop 'cause of this x3

Here is the Eagle:





And sitting:
 These eagles don't only look cool, but they actually fly everywhere! You are able to see new things in the skys of lands and parties~

I didn't notice this before, but if you look closely by Brady Barr's Lab you can see AJHQ wanted to keep one Jamaaliday Ornament up :)

This is more of a patterned outfit, but I saw this design on the wings and thought: Mira! Here is my Eagle version of Mira!


  1. Thanks for showing us places where you can fly, I don't have an eagle yet

    1. Two more weeks until I can get one :DD

    2. Okay, I FINALLY got an eagle today, and I tried the Mira outfit on. It looks really good :D

  2. Eagles can't actually fly EVERYWHERE, and I don't think they can host adventures, either. However, they can fly in many places. There are even a few secret places only accessible by eagle, like in the Paradise party and adventure base camp.


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