Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SnapCraft - Heart Locket

Hello Jammers~ Buttercup & Lovebug are here to show you a cute craft! 

The Heart Locket!

 .: Materials Needed :.
:: Scissors
:: Glue
:: Tape
:: Ribbon
:: Paper (color of your choice, in different shades)
:: Our Printable (which you can find below)
:: (Optional) Markers

.: Step One :.
Print out this printable or make your own templates!
You can copy & paste this into word or paint and print, or right click the image and select print!

 Now cut it out!
 & Trace onto colors of your choice! Make sure you make two hearts (one in a light color and dark color) on the dark color cut out the center.

.: Step Two :.
 Now that you've got them printed out on different shades of desired color...

 Glue the main heart onto cardboard and cut out.

 The next layer is the strange looking template! Glue that in place & trim if some paper is hanging off the edge.

 The next layer is the lock, and the three circles!

 Lastly, the final layer is another basic heart that has the center cut out.

.: Step Three :.
 Simply tape ribbon on the back and loop it so it can fit around your neck!

.: Step Four :.
The smaller heart is for if you want to make your LPS some :3

I  hope you've enjoyed this craft!

:: Buttercup
:: Lovebug

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  1. ITS SO CUTE, I love this craft! You could probably make a Valentine's card out of this if you glued the things onto cardstock instead of cardboard.


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