Sunday, February 2, 2014

Heart Couch & Holiday Corner!!

Want to trade with Jammers? Click here!

Hay Jammers! Another Friendly Item has returned!!

 Last year it was in the Friendship Party, but this year it's avalible in Jam Mart Furniture!

The DE gave us a free maze coloring activity!

To print, click the link, then right click the picture. Save Image to your desktop, then click it on your desktop. Select the Print Option!

I got you guys a shortcut to the printie ^^^^


Click to see the Friendship Party!!
  • Updated Den Ideas
  • Updated AJ Crafts
  • New Buddy of the Month
  • Updated the Trading Post
  • Another Myth Added


  1. i LOVE the couch and the coloring page is cool]


  2. 1st!
    Xavier883 (AKA Xavi)


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