Saturday, February 1, 2014

How to Care for your Dog

Just got a dog on AJ? Here is a guide to caring for your pooch! This also applies to "Jammer" dogs.

{1} Sleeping/Resting

 If you want your pup to sleep inside, place a Dog Mat where they will sleep. Make sure their area is cozy!

 If they're sleeping outside, buy a Dog House so your dog can sleep and have shelter.

{2} Food

 Buy two dog bowls. One will be for food and the other will be for water. Bones are a great Choice too!!

{3} Fun!

Puppies love to play! Buy some plushies and toys.

 Take them on long walks around Jamaa!

 Throw a Frisbee at them and play catch!

{4} Beauty/Cleaning

 Clean your dog every now and then.

 Don't be shy to dress your pet! AJ dogs love dressing up (real life dogs..not so much).

-Some dogs don't like swimming, while some do!

-If your dog is sneaking in places it shouldn't go, put up a fence!

 -If your dog sleeps outside, put a doggy door so they can come in at any time

-Some dogs are good with Children, some aren't.

I hope this helps!

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  1. I'm going to try that out with my REAL dog (angel) Hope it works! If it does, I will be super happy!


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