Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Art Studio Secrets

Here are some Art Studio "secrets" 

This is on the wall when you enter. When you enter the Canyons Pathway, there is a deer that looks almost like it:

It's a picture of a smiley! 

The picture on the left looks like Sarepia Forest, and the picture on the right looks like Coral Canyons!

This picture looks like...

Our tiger friend! You see this tiger on the button you press to look at your buddies!

Hmm, a giraffe. Were they planning this for years? Haha

Cute paint Paw prints on the floor by the canvas!

-Miss CoolWolf


  1. nyan cat rocks and so does mrs. nyan cat :)
    gingersnap thanks for all the cool info about the art studio! also do you know how to get an art canvvas on animal jam one of my buddies has one but wont trade it


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