Monday, July 9, 2012

Foxes And Turtles

This picture I found on the Daily Explorer. 

Foxes. Their coming.
From the previews and sneak peeks AJHQ has given us, this animal (I have to admit) look pretty cute. I WILL buy this. 

But I have one question: why are they making animals so fast? I mean they JUST made Giraffes. 

Possibly, this animal might be available for non-members. But you know, I doubt it. 

In conclusion, the foxes look AWESOME!

Turtles. Their... Also Coming

I found this picture on the Daily Explorer 

Just by looking at the pictures, these look cute.

But do remember, they all look a little different...

I would like to buy a turtle, but alas, I have no room. AJHQ really needs to add more spaces for pets, so please, all you Jammers, ask AJHQ to add more spaces so we can buy more pets. They did it for furniture, and clothing, why not pets!

Wait- don't turtles swim underwater? So, I hope AJ makes them swim underwater! That would be soooo cool!

Well, those are the two new Animals/pets to come. Hope they are really cute ;)



  1. Ya, i cant wait to see what the foxes look like :3 and your right, they should add more spaces for pets.


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