Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Fools Party!

Here is the April Fool's Party!

 Click anywhere to get a thing beside you LOL!

The First Room inside has smoothies and if you click on it it gives you CAKE!!

Upstairs is a...


...With a shark


 Downstairs is a cake, if you click it you get a doughnut!

 Jamaa sign upside down!!

 A pool and an unopened shop...

down downstairs is a little Christmas area with CONFETTI!!

 The very bottom with CONFETTI!!

 Even the games are mixed up! haha

 Doughnuts turn into Milkshakes or smoothies...Idk what they are

 The shop is so cool :3 (my carrot in the pic is cool too)

 Upside-down everything! And notice the interesting and funneh prices. (333, 123, 432)

 And the yard area

I like this party!

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