Thursday, March 28, 2013

I've Been Thinking...

I've been thinking... Animal Jam has been dropping a TON of hints about Alphas returning... Like the new video for when you first join animal jam...

And now this. Spirit Armor. (I think this is REALLY COOL!) I think we will have to do something BIG while wearing it...

Plus this is at the back of this week's Jamaa Journal:

Again HUGE HINT! I think something big is going to happen.. and it will have to do with doing something with the armor and the Alphas...


  1. The beginning of this song on your blog sounds so cool!

  2. Hi, Gringersnap! My membership ends about the time you'll post this comment (if you do) and I can't keep those prizes you gave me at your St. Patrick's party. Should I give them back to you or keep them? Will you have an Easter party? I hope so. Plus, the big hints about the alphas happened ever since the shamans became the Alphas, and nothing has really happened. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I REALLY hope the "new land" is cool. Sorry this comment was so long. It looks like a book. -113457

    1. Hey there! You can keep them if you want :) I don't think im going to have an Easter Party... but I might do a contest, it depends...
      Yes, true. The hints are not HUGE but there are a few. I do hope this new land is cool too~



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