Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More about me

Here are some more facts about me. It's pretty long, so you can read it all, or pick and choose.

           I'm just an Animal Jam crazy girl. My dream was to make a blog, and help out people in AJ with it. My username in Animal Jam (and every other site I use) is Gringersnap, and no, Gringer or Gringersnap is not my real name ;) . I've been playing Animal Jam since July 2011, and at that time a ton of items retired and thankfully I got a few non member items. I was a non-member for about a month, until one day I paied 5.00 for an animal jam membership I bought the volcano house, a few clothes. I still have that membership, and I'm paying 5.00 a month for it.
            My birthday is November 29. I call my birthday time of year "finter", because my birthday is in the middle of fall and winter. I love it when it snows on my birthday! The best thing about my birthday is that the next holiday is in about a month. That holiday is Christmas!
            I love animals so much, but if I had to choose my favorite, my top pic would be a dog. I have one dog, who is a Standard Poodle. Her name is Ginger. That is how I made up my username, with the help of a typo ;).
           I love to write! Writing is part of my life. I write every day, I even write books, in which I hope to publish. Drawing is another one of my skills. I also love to draw! And I am fairly good at it. I draw everyday, and I love to draw animals the most!
          I like a lot of things actually XD. I'm a brony. I love MPLFiM! My favorite character is Rainbow Dash and my second favorite is PinkePie, and my third favorite is Fluttershy! I also love Gravity Falls! Mabel is my favorite and I actually kinda look like her. I also am a fan of Spongebob believe it or not XD! My fav  episode of Spongebob is Graveyard Shift! Haha x3
          All in all, I am very thankful for what I have, and for you guys, to visit me, here at my blog.
~The Animal Jam Expert

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  1. i love gravity falls! and i love mabels XD ! add me im Antarctika


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