Monday, March 25, 2013

Journey Book Hints: Crystal Sands

Are you stuck on one or a few animals on your Journey Book? Lookies down there for the answers!

What: What it is
Location: Where it is
Type: Is it an Animal, plant or... other o.o
[Moves] This means it moves it can be very hard to get

Now for the answers...

What: Macaw
Location: On the roof of Tierney's Aquarium
Type: Bird

What: Sand Dollar
Location: In between
Type: Other?

What: Basilisk Lizard
Location: Runs across the top area of Crystal Sands (Rocky area)
Type: Animal

What: Caco Tree
Location: To the left of Captain Melville's Juice Hut
Type: Plant

What: Flamingo
Location: In the water by the two docks
Type: Bird

What: Sugarcane
Location: Next to the entrance of Temple of Zois
Type: Plant

What: Crab
Location: crawls from the bottom of Tierney's Aquarium
Type: Animal

What: Tapiar
Location: Crawls from the entrance to Mt.Shivver and rests.
Type: Animal

What: Centipede
Location: Crawls on the Pet Wash
Type: Insect

What: Tide Pool
Location: Next to Tierney's Aquarium
Type: Other

What: Green Iguana
Location: On the roof of Captain Melville's Juice Hut
Type: Animal

And the prize... :3

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