Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Land?!

AJHQ posted this:

They said "Cosmo, the koala Alpha, is setting out on a very special expedition: to discover a new land!"

Well that is a huge hint AJ is making a new land!!! If this is true this is AWESOME! There are three places the new land can go

Yeah they would each be a good pick, but my guess is the new land will be the one next to Mt.Shiveer and North of Appondale...



  1. Wow! This is crazy! You are not going to believe this! I am also an animal jam crazy girl, who devotes all of her free time to 1. Animal Jam 2. Drawing 3. Writing. So, for a school assignment I wrote to national geographic kids and tell them what I like about them. I also put in a request saying that in animal jam they should put in a rocket to blast off into space so they can put some more space science facts(SPACE SCIENCE+ME=<3). Any ways, could it be that they took my idea in consideration :D!?
    P.S. I hope I made nyan cat happy :) and I love the ideas you have, sorry for that paragraph/comment was so long, I just love to write

  2. Whis nyan cat!?!?7?!?!........................XD
    I think the new world will be a mine type place in the cave at the end of appondale.
    That would be sick.

    1. Nyan cat is a cat wearing a poptart that runs around in space saying NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN.

  3. i am so so so so so super duper excited about this! I wonder what the new land's name will be.......

    -koalacutie09 (animal jam)
    -PurplePenguinz (chatroll)

  4. In Appondale there is a cave but you can't go in... Maybe it's a place to enter the new land.........and maybe new shops or den items I hope so! ^-^

  5. omg is saw that as well a couple of weeks ago and i was like omg yay cuz i already have all the animals for the current lands so i think its gonna be fun i hope it comes soon! XD XP my animal jam user is ripjaw84382 friend me!

  6. o3o i found a blocked cave in mount shiveer


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