Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How Jamaa Was Created

Here is the story of how Jamaa was created.

Zois the Sky God created many stars & planets. After all of his work and as he gazed down at his creations he realized that deep in his heart there was a lack of one thing: Love. He suddenly felt lonely. So it was the Sky Mother he created, named Mira. She was a beautiful Heron whom deeply loved Zois. She was always telling him he was amazing at what he did. One day Mira and Zois made a beautiful land together with rocky canyons to lush green forests and medows of animals all in peace. Mountains touched the sky with rivers flowing calmly underneath them. They named this land Jamaa, and for many years everyone lived in harmony and with no fear or worries, until now. Mysterious dark creatures invaded Jamaa stealing its beauty, animals and it's peace.

And that is how Jamaa was created. More stories coming soon!~

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  1. Great story! When i told it, i added a little more stuff into it. Anyway, good job! :)


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