Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Giant Pet Monkey Plushie

Hey Jammers! Happy Tuesday! In the Summer Carnival you can now perchace a Giant Pet Monkey! 

Your animation

And congrats to Infinity ArcticWolf on being featured on the DE:

I was looking for the new item at the Summer Carnival when I stumbled apon an invisible dolphin! It's the famous dolphin glitch+invisible glitch!!

There is the dolphin's username ^^^

Also I think I'm going to bring back "Find-it's" So... ANNOUNCING THE FIRST ONE! 

Where in the Jamaa World is this?!
Find it!

If you think you found it, comment down and if you are the first to find it, you will be featured on my blog :3


  1. Answer: the Kimbara Outback on the roof of the building with the band-aids in a cross
    Username: Victory45

  2. IT'S ON THE ROOF OF THE MEDICAL DEN ( questionable) IN THE KIMBARA OUTBACK!! -113457 (Is there a prize?)

  3. Kimbara outback, by the windmill

  4. It is the top of the cimnee on the purple roofed medical buliding in the kimbara outback.

  5. On top of the buddy/pillow room aj username loloy2k


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