Friday, July 26, 2013

Phantom Shirt + Owl Plushies

Hey Jammers, check out the new items of the day!

The Pet Owl Plushies. Why are the called "Pet Owl Plushies" huh. Oh well, their so darn cute :3

And a Phantom shirt, which is very cool if you ask me. 

Also go see the new movie in the Sarepia Theatre 

Plus a new calender has been put up on Jammer Centeral 

I also noticed the duck call video in Brady Barr's lab was switched with Brady's Expeditions

Also I saw this notice... Be sure to get to the Jamaaliday Jam before it's gone!

In the hard mode there are more areas to discover and the keys are in different places

Silly Liza! Trap the phantom!

Here is one of the several prizes you can win in Hard Mode

Check out this glitch you can walk on trees! All i did was click on a tree and now I can climb this one.

 Here is the kangaroo display!

WITH a video and facts!

And I leave you with this awesome picture I found on

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