Monday, July 29, 2013

RIM - Real Musketeer Boots

Hey Jammers! Check out this VERY interesting RIM

I want to know why it's called Real Musketeer Boots and not Rare Musketeer Boots.

Your animation

The DE has posted also.

A new video is now in the Aquarium too :) 

Check out this glitch I saw in  Brady Barr's lab!!! 
 Double mice!!! How strange and cool!

Some jammers have gotten a Tye-dye shirt. Hmmm I wonder if this will be a new item...


  1. I don't understand why the boots change color. I guess that's how AJ HQ made it. Will you be my buddy, Gringer? Hey, is it ok to call ya Gringer instead of Gringersnap? If u want, my user is IPod656.

    1. The boots change color because it's a different item than the Musketeer Boots. It has Musketeer boots in the name, but it has a different look. Therefore, people should be able to change its color, just like the other boots.-113457

  2. That is OOOOOOOONE FUNKY shirt. O_o Plus I think I bought PURPLE musketeer boots, not the blue ones! *Groan* I hate my computer. -113457


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