Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pet Monkey Plushie

Hey Jammers! Just as we thought, the Pet Monkey Plushie has come into the Summer Carnival!

Your animation
Don't forget to check out the newest movie in Sarepia Theatre!

The DE has posted Awesome Jammer Art too

Congrats toWretched Arcticclaws, Fuzzy Shyivy, Medieval Cottonclaws, Victory Vonviking, and Rosy Glamstar!

Now for the winner of the Find-it! *Drum Roll*

Everyone who commented got it right, but Victory answered first! Congrats!!


  1. OMYGOSH! THE FIRST ONE IN THE JAMMER ART IS MY SISTER'S! Her username is jhana. I wish I had commented sooner for that one find-it game. What was the prize? -113457

  2. W O W, that is my art! For proof, check out my wolf avatar, his name is Wretched Articclaws. Unless I recycle him. But I won't. Whatever. So, I'm glad that my art was posted (again)!
    ~jhana, the faithful phantom of Jamaa


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