Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gift #10, Jamaaliday Wreath!

Happy Tuesday Jammers! How was your day??? 

Gift #10 is....

the amazing  --Candy Cane Lights--!

The wreath you can buy to spice up your place is the Jamaaliday Wreath, sold in Epic Wonders for 2,000 gems~

Tierney has a new vid up--check it out!

Don't tell me im the only one who ADORES the gumdrops on Club Geoz ^_^


'nother coloring page! I'm thinking, next craft will be a gingerbread house, i think... ;3

Animal Jam Elephant Coloring Page
Click to print ^^^^

HEY what do you guys think about a MINI HOLIDAY CONTEST?!??!?! 

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