Monday, December 30, 2013

RIM - , 100+ FOLLOWERS! & AJ Secrets!

Hai Jammers! I still have a whole week off :D

Ze Rare Butterfly Wings is avalible in Jam Mart Clothing for 450 gems! It is located on the last page. Hoopla!

Pretty colors! I love this one :-)


Make your own fairy deer with these wings: TODAY ONLY!

I looked at my followers today... and I saw 101 FOLLOWERS!
First, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You guys are so awesome! I can't tell you how kind, generous, and caring you are. THANK YOU to the bottom of my heart! 
Second, I want to know how to celebrate! Vote on my poll to the right -----> Vote if I should Do a contest, Party or TONS (and I mean TONS *like 5 strawberry the horse posts, ALL the shamans up, pages upgrated, ) of updates!!!

There is so many gold in the water lands. Did you know, though, there is only 36 gold coins that you can see throghout the lands?

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