Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year Party

The New Year Party is exciting, and it helps welcome the New Year in :) 

When you arrive, you are IN snow!
 Basically the party is inside a gigantic igloo-- WITH SLIDES :D

On the left is a carved image of a cake, click it and it will give you cake to enjoy!

 Bring your cake over to the clothing shop, where some rares are being sold!

Next, once you've finished your cake, go to another shop, like the moosic shop ^.^

 Upstairs, there is a furniture shop!

 Climp up the ice ladder!

 You will get to an icy tower
 a bridge
 and another tower!

 Fireworks pop in the sky above *o*
 Now slide down!

 Look at those cave-like things! What are those?!

 Click the carved lolipop to get your own lolipop!
 It's time to skate... on thin ice....

Have fun in the Part-AY!

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  1. You can also get a snowman (like how you can get the cake/lollipop). Once you first get in, go up and click the snowman... Oh and its not an igloo, its in ice castle (im not trying to correct you)


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