Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year's Resolutions Contest!

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Announcing the New Year's Resolutions Contest!

All you have to do is comment your AJ username, and your resolution for 2014~

The most interesting, creative, or cool resolution wins a prize!

-Comment only twice please :)
-No bad language
-No put downs!

First Place!

Second Place!

Third Place!

Contest ends January 4th 2014!!!!!!!


  1. gringer do u mean i real life or aj?.....


  2. In Animal Jam, I propose to show more kindness to non-members and to treat everyone equally! I shall also prevent bullies from putting the non-members down.
    -Fortis Arbor, 113457

  3. Mine for AJ is to get good beta gifts and give them to nm who just want to be beta:) My real one is get a piece of paper and sketch out some of this landscape look-alikes... for example if I was doing a sketch of down town I'd make the roads black liquorice and the lines on the road those little Popeye candy sticks! -jsy777

  4. That's my real resolution and if there really good they can be worth lots of money and it all has to be food but you have to make it look like its almost the same thing and I never got chance to make it so that's why new years day will remind me to get my pencil and paper XD -jsy777

  5. My AJ New Years Resolution is to prevent scammers & hackers, and to make Aj a better place for non-members. I am going to make a non member store, have a party only for non members and decorate my den all non member, and dress all non member, and I will give free gifts to all the non members I see on New Years Day. If you're a non-member, you can come! Remember, on New Years Day! Idk the time.... I will be in the server Tigris, so if you wanna come, you can! Non members only! :3



    2. im not doing the party

  6. my aj new years resolution is to stop hacking. I have been hacked so I know how it feels.My wish for aj is to stop hacking permanently.I also want to encourage jammers to make rares not matter.I know rares are important but they are just a few pixels. sincerely, wildwolfprincess

  7. My new year's resolution is (in AJ) to participate and assist others in their times of need or trouble, which basically means to be more generous. My other new year's resolution (in RL) is too also be more generous, and speak up for myself. I am really shy around people, and I wish I had more courage to speak up. I resolve to do just that. I also resolve to be wiser with my time and skills.
    -Hyacintho Ignis, jhana

  8. IN REAL LIFE. . .
    I want to eat a whole piece of sushi.
    I want to be closer to God.
    I want to participate in this year's School Talent Show.
    I want to participate in the Daniel Fast.
    I want to eat healthier.
    (These are my real resolutions, people!)
    113457, Fortis Arbor

    1. ... :p
      very nice! I like them!

  9. my resuloution (on aj) is to stop scamming and help new jammers get rare (like I was)

  10. My New Years Resolution is going to be to earn more gems so i can purchase items ( goal is 60,000 ) and help non rare jammers get betas and rares on adventures :)

  11. duskgem13 is my user and my resolution on aj is to stop scamming and make jamaa a better place and for buddies to stop hacking eachother and stuff like that my real life resolution is to give back to others as much as I can because I haven't been doing that and I fell bad

  12. User: SkyOfWonderz :3
    Resolution (AJ): To help stop scamming AND get a really rare item like spike or founder :3
    Resolution (RL): Spend more time with my dog :3

  13. My username is Olga21820. My real life new years resolution is to find some way to donate to the ASPCA. My AJ new years resolution is to try getting a headdress and to try to get people to stop scamming.

  14. Mine is to be more friendly to new jammers. If I wouldn't have thought of that I wouldn't have noticed how kind, wondrous, and touching they are. They are like little puppies and kittens abandoned in a shelter waiting for someone to take notice of them.^3^ ~~~~~~~~~Merlinda0456
    My other one in real life is to be more nice to my little brother. His personality may take a while for me to get used to, but he's my brother, and older siblings need to take care of their younger siblings. My final last one is connected between BOTH AJ and real life. I used to be mean and cruel back in 2013, but now that has changed. I'm more kind, caring, and playful. And now I'm a great listener with a strong heart made of velvet, soft as can be.

  15. mori5 - my resulution is to stop scamming with my aj police force
    help others be kind never scam always trade if someone gets scammed i will try to help be sending something they lost if i have it thank you mori5

  16. My new years resolution is to defeat all the phantoms and restore peace to jamaa

  17. sweetsugaryrainbowJanuary 5, 2014 at 11:45 AM

    My new years resoloution is to stop all scammers, to kill phantoms, for peace on earth and for gringersnap to make this blog as good as it gets!!
    ^-^ from sweetsugaryrainbow xxxx <3

  18. when are the winners getting posted ? - mori5


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