Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift #11, Jamaaliday Scarf, and DEN WEDNESDAYS!

hay jammerz. The 11th gift is here:

yeahya more gems!!!

The Jamaaliday Scarf is back!

AJHQ put up a jump vid!

I saw a fountain the other day that almost looked like this o.o its cold...

I'm going to base off den wednesdays by lyrics of christmas songs! I'll be doing 2 a week :) 

♪♫♥.baby it's cold outside.♪♫♥

♪♫♥.SantaPaws is comin' to town.♪♫♥

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  1. Are you ever going to think about getting AJ JUMP? Although it costs $2.00 for the game,I thought it would be free but you know I guess not.


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