Monday, December 9, 2013

Gift #9 RIM - Rare Jamaaliday Hat!

Why hello jammers. I love today'd gift:

 UGG SO AWESOME. Good job AJ, keep up the good work with these amazing Jamaaliday Items!

 And yes I HAVE gotten the Top Hat:
 Uggg so cool! Get it before it's gone!

 the DE liked it too
 On the home page Aj has it's old video up

Yep it's back! HOLIDAY CORNER :D For this holiday corner, I want to discuss the frozen pond

 Jammers can now walk on it~ it's cracking, though, so be careful!

Have you noticed the cave with a seal on it? Whos cave is it? Who built it? What is it's purpose?

For more Jamaaliday fun head over to SLUGEHAMMERS BLOG! He's got 12 days of random people! These are HILARIOUS! Check it out--you wont be sorry!


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