Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blog Egg Hunt 2014!

Welcome to the First Ever Blog Egg Hunt!
How to find Eggs:
Eggs will be located on these tabs (in the pink boxes)
EXCLUDING "Home" Tab, and any of my other blogs (The Jamaa Journal, The Guide to Rares, and Strawberry the Horse) AND regular posts!!!
The transparent egg will be located on either the top or bottom of the post (in box). If you see an egg, click on it! It will direct you to a seperate page where you can collect your prize!

What eggs am I looking for?
The eggs that you will hunt for are transparents of the Eggs AJHQ hides for Jammers.

If you find any of these on a page, click it!!!

What are the Prizes, and how can I claim them?
If you happen to find an egg, and you click it, it wil bring you to a page where you can collect your prize. Prizes can range from a graphic, to a NTT, Den Wednesday, or possibly a REAL AJ ITEM! In order to safely claim your AJ prize, comment your username only on the prize page it directs you to.

Have fun and Happy Easter!


  1. are the eggs visible or not? If they aint, how are we gonna see it O.O?

  2. Wow, this egg hunt idea is really creative. I'll be sure to check it out if I have time.

  3. I am having huge amounts of trouble with this egg hunt. i've been looking on each page high to low and i've only found one. I know this is a HUNT, but still, this is hard.

  4. By the way.... Phantoms were NOT born from Mir'as tears. This was not told to the public by AJHQ- it's a story explaining the Phantom's birth that was written by Snowyclaw. Thisstory is told so aften that it is passed as fact, but it is, in fact, fan made.
    Sorry, it kinda catches me off guard when people think that was true, and I always feel like I have to correct them.

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