Friday, April 18, 2014

Nesting Greely Doll + NTT + FIF

Hello Jammers!! I wanted to let you know I won't be able to get on AJ from the 20 - 24 th! I'm leaving to go on vacation :3 After that, I can begin regular posts!!

The new item today is the Nesting Greely Doll!! 
 YAS I love this one!!

Check out the callender that has a picture of Giraffes on it!

AJHQ apparently adopted a giraffe!

 and HURRAY! Giraffes are back!!

The giraffe is for members only. Also,  I just found out non members cannot send gifts anymore!!

 Earth day is coming up, and AJHQ is starting to celebrate!

Here is a little spring outfit I put together~

Where in the Jamaa World is this?


  1. They took away MORE non-member rights?! All I've been asking for (along with many others) is that non-members get MORE rights! AJHQ is getting better and better at making the general public unsatisfied. Oh, that Greely nesting doll is hilarious XD
    FIF answer: a root on top of the Base Camp entry in the Temple of Zios
    PS: Please put a Tally Hall song on this blog; their music is very good and I'd enjoy it!

  2. It's in Lost Temple of Zios :)

  3. i also cant send gifts and im member! why?

  4. Its in teh base camp area u know, when you enter insted of just teleporting there.


    P.S. WHY AJHQ REMOVE OUR RIGHTS OF TALKING FREELY ITS NOT GONNA HELP ANYTHING ITS JUST GONNA RUIN OUR CHAT IT.DOES.NOT.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REPEAT IT.DOES.NOT.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry just had to get it out of meh system ya know?)

  5. Such a cute little outfit for your giraffe! I might use that :3


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