Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pet Eagles, Sol Arcade Den and The Egg Hunt!

The Blog Egg Hunt is having technical difficulties, it will be up either today or tomorrow!

Everyone needs a beast boy butt scooting on their dash. 
I'll open today's post with a gif, cause this is how I feel now!

TONS of new items today guys, including new ARMOR!

 And a new Nesting Doll to add to your collection

 PET Eagles are here too! Look how adorable they are!

Yet another new item is the Sol Arcade Den, which I highly reccomend!

Snazzy c: Da DE posted a GIF today:
There are some tremendous items introduced in the diamond shop this week, Mystical Armor and the Sol Arcade Den. First we have the Mystical Armor set that can be acquired individually, including an amulet, helmet, tail armor, gauntlets, and body armor. All feature an aura of magic that sparkles and shines to protect you when wearing. The Sol Arcade Den is an awesome addition for video game enthusiasts! You can customize this den with your favorite Jamaa mini-games. Perfect for hosting tournaments with all of your buddies!!
 There are two gem upgraded games this time:

 Tierney has a new vid set up in the Lobby

 And yet another matching vid in her Theatre
HURRRAAAYYY! The Egg Hunt is here! There are 8 hidden eggs throughout Jamaa, and once you find them, you get this egg:
I didn't get it because it glitched out, it's alright though, I'll contact AJ about it :D

Click the gif to go to my Cheat Page on where the eggs are. The egg hiding spots are a little different!
Here's a little Egg Hunt outfit x3

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