Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Underwater Drum Set + DW

Sup Jammers! The newest item is for sale in Kani Kove, and it comes in three colors

The DE posted Jammer Art!
Hooray for Commander Chillywolf, Blossom Sunnyviolet, Arctic Wolf, Little Magiclilly, and Precious Glambelle! They we’re chosen for this week’s Jammer Snaps featuring eggs! Each year on the Monday after Easter in Haux (pronounce like ‘how’), France, a giant omelet is served. Don’t forget a fork if you’re in this southern French town on Easter Monday. Each year a giant omelet is served up in the town’s main square. And when we say giant, we mean giant! It’s brunch for up to 1,000 people. Last year’s enormous dish was just shy of 10 feet in diameter and was comprised 5,211 eggs, 21 quarts of oil, and 110 pounds each of bacon, onion, and garlic. This tradition arises from a story of when Napoleon and his army were traveling, and they stopped in Haux and ate omelets. Napoleon was such a fan of his that he asked everyone in Haux to gather their eggs and make a huge omelet for his army.

There are three new videos to watch around Jamaa too!

I'm just loving the new animated items AJHQ is coming out with! If you click on something, like this table, things will happen like food dissapearing or a mouse will pounce on a strawberry!

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  1. the drum-set is neat! i wish it was nonmember :(



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