Monday, April 7, 2014

RIM - Rare Big Bow

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Wey Hey! There are two new items, one is the RIM! Which is the Rare Big Bow!!

aaaand the Picket Fence which is for NON MEMBERS!

Your animation
Comes in some cute spring colors too!!!

The DE, as always, posted about the RIM
You’ll always be in first-place when you’re wearing this RARE BIG BLUE BOW offered for this week’s Rare Item Monday. The blue ribbon is a symbol of something of high quality. And comes from Cordon Bleu, which is French blue ribbon. These ribbons were worn by a particular order of knights when taking first place in athletic or other competitions. And that’s how blue ribbons came to be awarded for first place in many other events, such as county and state fairs.
Be sure to watch the new vid in Sarepia Theatre!

Take a look at these gems by the game Gem Breaker. Is this how gems look BEFORE mined into gems, AJ's currency? Do they get gems from Mt. Shiveer??


  1. Why don't you make another "Strawberry The Horse" post?

  2. Thats cool! speaking of rares, today i got.... (dramatic music) THE MESSAGE. Im not sure if it was from recycledbeards or not... I got a jamagram, i opened it, there wasn't a picture and just some numbers for the message, and it said "member gift" i was like :O RECYCLED BEARDS!!! so i unplugged my computer and it went away :D yay

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  4. Hi gringersnap. I am a google sites maker and i was wondering how you got the rainbow cursor and how I could get it on my site. Thank you


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