Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Zany, Silly and Wacky Items!

Hey Jammers! Happy April Fools Day! THREE returning CRAZY items are here in Jam Mart Furniture!

Yes, they are suppost to be blank like that. Here they are in action:

The DE posted about April Fools too!
Congratulations to Leaping Cleverspirit, Victory Frozenninja, Arctic Wolf, Fabulous Magicflower, and Magical Loopystar!! They all receive Artist Plaques for their dens. Some believe that the April Fools’ custom began in France, although no one can prove it. The theory is it may have started in the 16th century (100 years) when a new calendar system was used. The 1st of the year was moved from April to January. People who continued to use April 1st as the beginning of the new year were called ‘April Fools’, and people played tricks on them. What bullies! However, the custom has persisted in many cultures, becoming more playful and a sign of friendship. In France, children will tape paper fish to their friend’s backs. In Scotland, they call their victims ‘gowks’ which means ‘cuckoo bird’.
.:Glitches Galore:.
Looks like a Phantom wants to play the claw!

'Nother printie :3

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