Friday, September 13, 2013

Arm Brace, New Thread Thursday and Find it Friday

Hey Jammers! The Newest Item o' the day is the Arm Brace
 These Medical items are pretty neat!!

AJHQ posted about Item Safety

 And they said a friendly suggestion :3

Along with the fall decor there are new banners on the Club Geoz

 And out buggy friend has returned--only on the dock now

Need a sweet Under-da-sea outfit? Check out this cutie:

 JellyFish Hat (Trade), Rare coral necklace/non rare (400 gems or trade), Pufferfish Spikes (650 gems)
This outfit is simple but sweet!

 Last week's winner was...
Sky12349!!! Congrats!!!

Now for this week's Find-it-Friday
Hmmm... where is that?!? If your the 3rd person to comment the correct answer you WIN!

You might have noticed the new banner & background :D Yay fall!


  1. 'Course i'm not going to win, but still,
    Lost temple of Zios kinda inside the cave by the entrance to the adventures. And did you see how the base camp was remodled! Now WAY easier to get to an adventure.

  2. YAYZ XD I wonz :3 so you can send me the gift anytime it doesn't really matter. someone tricked me into thinking my computer had to go to a repair shop DX so I went the whole day off animal jam D:< well anyways to this weeks Find It Friday the answer is in The Temple of Zios almost inside the water cave thing :3

    can send me the gift whenever you want its doesn't really matter when... someone tricked me into thinking my computer went to a repair shop DX but they they were kidding and I went the whole day with no computer... well anyway

  3. 3rd? course i'm not gonna win, but still,:
    Kind of inside the cave in lost temple of zios is the answer :)

  4. Its in the opening of the cave in the Lost Temple of Zios. I hope I win! =D

  5. Cave opening on rock, temple of Zios.
    -Creature SpiritChamp (113457)


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