Saturday, September 28, 2013

Moustache, Studded Collar, Haunted Mansion & A Special Birthday

Wazzup Jammers! The newest item is a Moustache in Jam Mart Clothing:

 You KNEW they HAD to put it in sometime or another!

Another new item is the Studded Collar in the Diamond Shop

And yet another new den in the Den Shop.

The DE posted an ad:

 And Brady Barr posted...a silly question.
 I don't really want to know XD

I've decided that I talk about the Seasonal Tree A LOT so I'm gonna make a segment out of it everyother day or so!

It's called...


More and more green leaves are turning red, orange and yellow!!


This is to my dear friend Gumboyaya. I've been best friends with you my entire life. You are so special to me and I want this birthday to be special for you. Thank you for being kind, nice, generous and caring through my life & yours. Have a wonderful birthday!

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  1. I cant wait for the haunted mansion to come out i am animallover16291 I love aj!


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